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All our materials are from within 500km!

All our materials are from within 500km!

Sustainable and regional production is very important to us. Our pieces are sewn by hand in a small but highly specialized manufactory in Croatia, in close collaboration with us. All the materials we use are produced locally in Europe by our suppliers. This way we can minimize the transport routes and have managed to source and produce everything within a radius of 500 km. This also allows us to completely eliminate airplane rides and see that we can share our transports, each with other producers, by adjusting schedules.
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First textile company with certified ecological footprint in Europe!
The PEF 010/19 (Product Environnmental Footprint) measures the ecological footprint over the entire life cycle of a product using 16 environmental indicators such as the water footprint, the CO2 footprint and the energy footprint. Our fabric supplier was the first company in the textile industry to achieve this certification in April 2019. This strict certificate was founded by JRC/JRC (Joint Research Centre) of the European community, which is mainly engaged in environmental protection in addition to health protection. This exceptional material comes from one of the best manufactures of swimwear fabrics in Northern Italy and is also characterized by the following:
  • SHAPE properties model and shape. Due to the special structure of the fabric, it is up to 50% thinner and lighter than traditionally manufactured SHAPE fabrics.
  • Three-dimensional LYCRA elastane ensures maximum comfort. The structure of the fabric leads to active air circulation and ensures rapid removal of moisture.
  • Quick drying
  • UPF50+ UV protection (super-opaque microfiber)
  • Resistant to chlorine, salt, perspiration and body lotions
  • Neither knotting nor wear of the fabric


All other materials processed by VOLANS, such as closures, rings, cups come from a highly specialized small manufacture in France, which meets the highest quality standards and is carefully sourced by VOLANS itself. Thus, we know exactly from where and how the accessories are manufactured and maintain a very close relationship with the suppliers. Thanks to this close relationship, we also work together on sustainable product developments, which is a great honor for us.
We take great care to keep our transport routes as short as possible and have found “ride-sharing” opportunities for our deliveries. In addition, we do not use air transport at all.