The first textile company with certified ecological footprint in Europe

PEF 010/19 (Product Environmental Footprint) measures the ecological footprint over the entire life cycle of a product using 16 environmental indicators such as the water footprint, the CO2 footprint and the energy footprint. Our fabric supplier was the first company in the textile industry to achieve certification in April 2019. This rigorous certification was established by the JRC (Joint Research Centre) of the European Community, which is mainly active in environmental protection in addition to health protection.

This exceptional material comes from one of the best manufacturers of swimwear fabrics in northern Italy and is also distinguished by the following:

  • SHAPE features with silhouette-smoothing control. Owing to the special structure of the texture, the fabric is up to 50% thinner and lighter than traditionally produced SHAPE fabrics.
  • Three-dimensional LYCRA elastane provides maximal wearing comfort
  • The special structure of the texture allows an active and cooling air circulation which ensures a quick dehumidification.
  • Quick-drying
  • UPF50+ UV protection (super-opaque Microfibre)
  • Resistant to chlorine, salt, perspiration and body oils
  • No pilling and wear of the texture

All materials & accessories come from a radius of 300km

All other materials processed by VOLANS come from a highly specialized small manufacture in France, which meets the highest quality standards and is carefully procured by VOLANS itself. Thus we know exactly where and how the accessories are produced and maintain a very close relationship with the suppliers. Thanks to this close relationship, we also work together on sustainable further developments of products, which is a great honour for us.
We take great care to keep our transports as low as possible and have found “carpooling” opportunities for our deliveries. In addition, we do not use air transport at all.