We work very closely with a small family business in Croatia. They have over 30 years of experience in producing high quality swimwear. We have chosen Croatia because we are convinced of the quality and it being so close to us we are able to reduce the transport routes to a minimum and can avoid air transport entirely. In addition, we are always on site during production and can work with them. The common language and culture is of course a great advantage. We visit our production at least 5 times a year, one week at a time, and accompany the individual production steps: from gathering material and tailoring to the final sewing of individual models.
However, before going into production in Croatia, all ideas and prototypes are created in our Zurich studio!

Our Seamstresses

The majority of the seamstresses are mothers. The working hours from 6:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. are adapted to the local school hours so that family life is not neglected and many can also devote themselves to their gardens, small farms and vineyards. We maintain a very personal contact with the staff and are allowed to work everywhere and exchange ideas directly, which we value very much. We are able to learn from each other and love giving each other gifts. We bring Swiss chocolate, and they spoil us with homemade delicacies from the Croatian kitchen.
Our seamstresses have a highly specialized know-how. Our unique SHAPE 3D material contains a lot of spandex which requires very high craftsmanship.
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VOLANS is committed to promoting and exchanging ideas with the local creative scene. Thus, the location of the VOLANS studio was deliberately chosen to be “FOGO” – a creative hub where social inclusion and education are lived. In addition, IVON is co-founder of the self-initiative SUPPORT SMALL LABELS, an association of creatives for creatives in Switzerland.
The studio itself is also a place of exchange and trust. Every Friday, during the high season, clients come together. This creates a valuable exchange about needs for the perfect fit. IVON and MIRA personally take time and skillfully implement the ideas and often similar needs for swimwear in their designs. All designs are created in close exchange with their customers.
Our studio in Zurich
As the latest cooperation partner, VOLANS is working with the Zurich women’s workshop MARKTLÜCKE for its new accessories. The workshop is located in the direct neighborhood and reinforces VOLANS’ desire to be in dialogue with productions and to promote social and at the same time economic participation of women. The result is carefully crafted goods.