studio in zurich

VOLANS consciously chooses Switzerland as its main location. Each piece is created with care by hand on the doll in our studio in Zurich. The patterns are individually adjusted from size to size and assembled on pattern board. This is all done according to old craftsmanship, just like MIRA created swimwear for renowned swimwear manufacturers over 40 years ago. Thanks to  MIRA’s experience and skills, VOLANS is in the position to accomplish all the steps from the first draft to the production professionally. This is of a rarity nowadays. VOLANS works according to the principle “reduce to the max”.
And there lies the secret why VOLANS is unique; we know exactly where there may be something more and where there may be something less. We deliberately deviate from the usual proportions for swimwear in our designs to guarantee a perfect fit and comfort. Finally, with our highly specialized industrial machines, we also sew the prototypes in Zurich and continuously test them on our girlfriends until they fit.

our craftsmanship

At VOLANS, the pattern layouts are still drawn by hand on paper rolls according to old craftsmanship. We drive the paper rolls ourselves to our producer in Croatia. Once there, the calculated fabric layers are draped and cut out.
Wearability & a perfect fit are very important to VOLANS. Honest feedback and the close exchange with our customers is the biggest inspiration for us. In our studio in zurich, details of favorite pieces are derived and reinterpreted for upcoming collections.
Whether it’s a swimsuit or a bikini – every part of the collection has a casual, timeless elegance. Clear designs enhance the woman’s unique natural beauty, without any overloaded elements. Therefore VOLANS offers many combination possibilities in design, size and color.
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You are also welcome to visit us in our studio in Zurich! During the high season our atelier also serves as a showroom and is open for you every Friday with advance notice. In addition to a personal consultation from IVON, you will also get an insight into our studio, where all designs and prototypes are created.